January 20, 2016

January 13, 2016

Paris in the snow...

It's a New Year here at Kings Court and have just returned from an imaginational trip to Paris.  After many  journeys to fashion week, I cannot help but think of the most magical time I think I have ever experienced, Paris in Snow!  French architecture covered in white against a ominous slate-grey sky.  Truly, the most beautiful.  Kings Court is excited to be inspired by curated french luxury for 2016.  Our canvases and Black Label will become even better in craftsmanship and wit.  Enjoy what is to come!
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October 15, 2015


Tis this season of goblins and terse prose. No one expresses it better than Edgar Allen Poe.  The Raven in all of his stately appearance is one of my favorites, hence a tribute to Poe on a pumpkin.  Happy Halloween! 
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August 27, 2015

CAKE Fall 2015 Collection by KINGS COURT!

Exciting NEWS! The CAKE Fall 2015 Collection has arrived at KINGS COURT!  Our closet is filled to the top with wonderful canvas! It feels so clean and utterly divine to have so many lovely prints in the HOUSE OF KINGS COURT!  New this Season also is our very POSH packaging which makes anyone feel VERY special as it arrives at your doorstep!  Choose from Mr. BAH, Sir Moby Dick, EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST, CHURCHILL, LET THEM EAT CAKE, and More Please!  ALL are approved by the KING!  Enjoy this wonderful season! 

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August 10, 2015


We all here at KINGS COURT are excited about our ALMOST soon-to-be-opened CAKE Boutique!  As we set things up, I thought I would snap a few shots to share with you!  CAKE is the perfect place where you can browse all of KINGS COURTs wonderful line of products!  We LOVE IT!  Especially our totes and CHALKED-UP Silver trays.  The King definitely approves!
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August 02, 2015

Summer with CAKE!

Nothing like spending a little time at the beach with CAKE! My new Sir Moby Dick canvas tote has been such a joy to help carry my things. So many compliments over just one piece of CAKE! Mwah!

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July 29, 2015

My Favorite Chair...

There are few times in life where I am truly able to sit down and just be.  If I had a choice, however, I would choose it with my favorite CHARLES PHILIPPE Pillow from KINGS COURT! Like a stylish friend he brings life to anything and anywhere.  The KING would definitely approve!!!
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July 28, 2015

KING's Favorite CAKE!

Our latest addition to the CAKE Boutique!  Lovely macaroons from KINGS COURT filled with mint and pink frosting lip balm!  YUMMY YUMMY!  The KING will definitely approve! View full article →
July 28, 2015


It is a pleasure each day to find a diamond in the rough here at KINGS COURT!  Today I came across one of our vintage silver trays and had a ball painting it with some deep rich chalk board paint.  Now I can subtly message in an oh-so haute and decadent way! View full article →
July 23, 2015

Piece of CAKE!

We all here at KINGS COURT are excited to start sending out pieces of CAKE celebrating this season's collection of our whimsical and oh-so-stylish canvas totes!  This is but a part of the KINGS COURT Collection, and are thrilled!  We all deserve at least one piece of CAKE a day!  Don't you think?  
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